Mergrande @ 3

On December of 2011, we opted for a beach resort here in Davao City specifically Mergrande Ocean Beach Resort. Who would have thought we would find a perfect place to spend our anniversary? Davao City indeed offers variety of beach resorts perfect for gathering & for those who would like to just enjoy the beach….. Everything seems to be perfect upon going there (except for the taxi driver who assured us he knows the way while in fact he does not which made us pay for a higher fare). But despite that, we still made our way through the resort. Upon entering, the staff welcomed us & accommodated our reservation. After putting everything into place, we made a tour in the entire beach resort. We saw a lot of beach-goers (in group or in pair) enjoying the waves & the place as a whole. A pool is also present inside the resort with a minimal fee. You will surely have a good night sleep hearing nothing but the sounds made by the waves. I’m surely gonna go back here if given the chance.

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family reunion @ Bloomfields

Never imagined it would come to reality— but it did happened. Our first-ever family reunion happened at Bloomfields at Lanang, Davao City. Who would have thought you would find such a nice pool within a subdivision? But I have realized we could always make all places beautiful as long as we have each other as family. It’s as if we owned the Clubhouse for a day…. with exclusive & unlimited use of the pool and the entire Clubhouse. Maybe we’re not that rich to own a house at that expensive subdivision but having the chance to experience how its like to enjoy the facilities in there is all worth it. My nephews & nieces all dip in the pool from morning til night—resulting to few days of sunburn. Indeed, we all had fun. More than the peaceful environment and the enjoyment in the pool, the most important thing that we all brought on our way home is the happiness that we had when we were all together as one big happy family.

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lover’s haven @ Punta del Sol

If you’re looking for a serene place to escape from the hustle of the city life, this is the best place to go. You will surely hear nothing but sounds from nature. Being a nature lover, I enjoyed being in this place to relax & unwind and temporarily forget all the problems at hand. Luckily, I did… I enjoyed every minute & every hour just listening to the chirping of the birds & the sounds made by waves. At the afternoon, we took a dip at the water for just a few minutes (because I’m afraid to get sunburned). Aside from that, the resort’s staff was so accommodating that you will surely want to return there over & over again.

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bluejaz get away

On the 26th of December prior to our 2nd Anniversary, we opted for a trip to Bluejaz which is located at the beautiful Island Garden City of Samal. That was just a few minutes ride away from Davao City taking a ferry boat. Upon reaching the place, we had a tour at the entire resort and as usual, picture-taking in every part of it. Later on, when there was a vacant cottage we stayed in there. The open cottage was made of bamboo & nipa hut. You can really feel the cold breeze of the sea waters. The resort has plenty of visitors maybe because that was weekend and at the same time the day after Christmas which is usually time for family outing. There is a certain part in the resort where you can buy souvenir items. We didn’t bring food so we just ordered lunch at their restaurant. Though the food was expensive, nevertheless it was delicious. An infinity pool was also present for a minimal fee but because I wasn’t able to bring the required suit for swimming, I wasn’t allowed to take a dip at the pool so I just made a lot of picture-taking. In the afternoon, we take a plunge at the sea. The water was so cold. At 4:00 in the afternoon, we started to pack up our things and leave the resort with smile on our faces. On our way home, we took the private boat of the resort that would take us directly to Davao City for just a 10-minute ride. Indeed, that was a memorable experience that I will always treasure even if we have gone to so many resorts as of now.


the religious one– Madel

525745_425321197532910_824063858_nThere is no one else more religious in our office than she is. Even in her facebook account, you can always see prayers & religious quotes published in her wall. She is the youngest in our office but probably the toughest when it comes to implementation of the company’s¬†policies. She is not afraid of anyone specially when she is doing what is right. She is always mistakenly known as “strict” just because she follows the company’s rules & regulations . She is always misinterpreted when doing such actions because other people don’t understand that she is just doing her work and nothing more.

dedicated worker– Hazel

263604_212825955421668_8130243_nEver imagined having a sister at work? Well, surely you’ll love to have her in your group. She is probably one of the nicest person I have ever known. Whenever I am not around, she’s the one who takes charge with my work. Never did I hear any complaints from her even if I know she was having a difficult time then. She worked very hard and everything seems easy with her specially those things I hated to do most. I always admire her dedication for work and love for all her loved ones (that she almost forget about herself). She is truly an elder sister to all her younger office mates.

the home-buddy

301887_558410707522035_1187975786_nSecond to the eldest, she served as our mother whenever my mother is not around. Most often, she do the household chores like cooking, washing the clothes & taking care of us, her younger sisters because she is always left in the house. She was our confidant during our teenage years. She has always been my shopping partner because we both spend so much time in choosing even just one item in the store. A very caring sister as she is, we can always depend on her even now that we’ve already grown up. A sister and a friend– that’s what she is.

the family clown

227782_212794325417010_7787410_nBeing the eldest among all of us, he have always been the disciplinarian when it comes to his youngest siblings. He was very strict in the sense that he doesn’t allow us to go out with friends and attend social functions at night during our younger years (maybe he’s just being overprotective to us that sometimes we see him more as a father than our brother.) But all the toughness paid off because we finished our studies with flying colors. Everything has become totally different since we finished College & have our own work. We have seen a different side of him– a happy & jolly person that never runs out of jokes. We have become closer now than before because we can already share to him all our sentiments in life without being scared of him scolding us.

the fashionista gal–vanessa

260568_219044431463084_309513_nSince I started working in this company, she’s my only talk-buddy. We talked about anything & everything under the sun. Even if it was still the two of us then, we never felt alone because we enjoyed every conversations we have. With her charm & the way she carries herself, no wonder why every guy can be captivated by her looks. Besides, she is very friendly to everyone she meets & always initiate a friendly conversation (maybe the reason why we got along well instantly). She is family-oriented (as seen by the way she talks to her parents & siblings), and naturally “malambing” in every way. She is also the generous one (that sometimes she is abused by others). With the qualities she has, there is no reason why others will not treasure a friend like her …like the way I do.

fabulous & hardworking — febe

405903_2794849310832_1509633656_nOne glance at her and you’ll think she is a daughter of a beauty queen or a basketball player perhaps for the height she¬†possesses. But despite her model-like height, she is still down-to-earth and very humble. A beautiful friend inside-out, she is always there at your side whenever you needed her the most. Despite her busy working schedule, she still spend quality time with all her friends as long as she can– a very admirable quality of her. Though distance keeps us apart, she has always been the same person I used to know.. nothing has changed.